Refund Policy

All payments for using our clinic and/or other services are made in advance. Payments are in US Dollars.

All subscriptions are paid on monthly basis. Unless we were notified in writing 7 days before the renewal date of your subscription, your account will be charged for the next month subscription fees for the last package you have purchased.

If your subscription was for more than one month, you will get a full refund for all of the remaining period from the date of submission the cancellation request. For example, if your subscription was for one year starting from 1 Jan until 31 Dec for the basic package ($ 29.99 /month) and you submitted a request for cancellation on 5 Feb, then you will get a refund for the whole period from March until Dec (10 month). And you will NOT get a refund for the already used period (Jan) of the current month (Feb).

Kindly notice, that this refund policy applies only to regular fees and is NOT applicable in case there were a special offer for subscription for a certain period.
Refund policy terms and conditions will be published according to each offer separately.