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Winex Clinic Application

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Clinic Application
Winex Clinic Application Features HIPPA Compliant
Winex Clinic Application Features Common Browsers
Winex Clinic Application Features Mobility
Winex Clinic Application Fully Supported

Winex Clinic App not only provides an EMR system with all the advanced features, but also works as a platform to facilitate the communication between the practitioners and all the other stakeholders in the healthcare sector.
HIPAA compliant: Winex Clinic App is a fully certified EMR that is secure and HIPAA Compliant.
Web & Mobile: Winex Clinic App can be accessed from anywhere, desktop, tablet, or mobile device. And soon Android and iPhone App.
Help & Support: We understand your challenges, and we work on adding new features and developing new reports that fit your needs.

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Medical Network


inex strives for becoming a universal platform where all the stakeholders in the health care industry can meet, communicate, and cooperate to provide more efficient service at lower costs. We Start by providing simple EMR application to a more integrated medical offerings, such as …

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